Please fnd the evolving FAQ below. For questions not answered use the contact form on our Registration page or message us on Facebook.

What you should know before registering

What is the date, start time and start location?

Both races start at Laragh GAA club grounds in Laragh village in County Wicklow. Start time is 09:30am for the long course and 09:45am for the short course.

What kind of experience is necessary to run?

To run the long route you should be fit enough to run a half-marathon distance or longer on the roads and ideally have some previous experience with trail and hill running. The route cut-offs are not suited to long-distance walkers.

Do I need to be a competent navigator?

No both courses are fully marked. No navigational skills are needed.

Is any special kit necessary?

We recommend trail or mountain-running shoes with more grip and flatter soles for more stability for the ‘Run the Ridge’ 20 km route. Almost any footwear you normally use will do for the shorter course.

For full kit requirements read the route details.

What is included in the price?

In the price is included:

  • Chip and number
  • Water and spread afterwards
  • Prizes for the first 3 men and women
  • Online results service

Are there medals and t-shirts?

To keep prices down we do not offer medals or t-shirts.  We will of course offer refreshments after the race.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

We have a strict no refund and no transfer policy and will not be able to make exceptions to this policy. We can offer deferral to next year’s event, however, but no refund will be given in the unlikely event that the race does not take place the year after.

Is the course officially measured?

Jones counters cannot do an accurate measure on a trail course so only measurement with a Stryd footpod featuring an accelerometer is done.

Will there be a time limit?

The finish line for both short and long courses will close at 12:30pm. You can still complete the course but disassembly of finish line etc will happen at that time and you will not be given an official result after this time. This leaves you 3 hours to complete the 20 km and ample time to complete the 10km race.

A course cut-off of 11:15am is in place at the top of the climb (the 11 km) point of the 20k course. If you arrive after 11:15 at this point you will be asked to retire and will be driven down by jeep. Should you decide to continue you do so at your own risk.  This is necessary in order to ensure all runners are off the mountain and the course closed by 12:30 after which we cannot assist your safety.

Are there age restrictions?


For the 10k the minimum age is 14 on the day of the race.  U-16’s must be accompanied by an adult.

For the 20k race the minimum age permissible is 18 on the race date.

What do the proceeds of this race go toward?

The race will raise funds for the activities of Laragh GFC and Glendalough AC clubs.

Registration and parking

Can I register on the day?

Registrations will be accepted on the day however we encourage pre-registering to online to reduce the work for our volunteers on the morning of the race.  You may upgrade from the general 10k entry to the 20k on the day by paying €10 cash on the day only if places are available.  (20k=Max 100 places) Please allow sufficient time to register.  Registration will close @ 09:00am sharp on race day.

Are there any discounts?

No discounts available.

Where can I park?

You can park your car at the Laragh GFC grounds. Information on overflow parking to follow.

How many entrants are expected this year?

We estimate that over 250 runners will participate across the two events. Due to erosion on the ridge we are limited to a license for just 100 runners in the 20k race

How do I get to the start?

Simply enter ‘Laragh GFC’ into Google Maps or most SatNavs and it will take you straight there. Alternatively, enter ‘The Woollen Mills’ in Laragh which is sign-posted just as you exit Laragh (from the North) or enter Laragh (from the South). A large overflow car park is now in place just across from the GAA grounds.

More details:

  • From the North/Dublin: Enter Laragh village and turn left at Lynham’s Hotel, drive down the road and turn right at the blue Woollen Mill sign. Take an immediate right into the GAA grounds.
  • From the South/Rathdrum: As you enter Laragh, you pass a narrow bridge. Immediately after this watch out for the Woollen Mill sign and take a left turn. Then turn right immediately into the GAA grounds.

Can I get to the race with public transports?

To review public transport options keep appraised here of the options:  

What type of finishing time is expected?

The long course will likely be won in a time as fast as 90 minutes on a dry day with the last finisher expected after around 3 hours. The short course could be won in around 30 minutes or faster with the final finishers likely taking about 90 minutes.

Questions for before the race

Will there be toilets and showers available?

There will be toilets at the start and finish but no showers.

Can I drop off gear?

You can leave your gear at the start line in the GAA club house. Please note you do so at your own risk.

Questions for ‘during the race’?

Are the water stations on the course?

No, you must be self-sufficient as far as water and sustenance is concerned. Especially runners on the long course must estimate their finishing time and gauge what they need to carry. Marshals and first aiders will carry emergency water only.

How is the route marked?

You will follow red and white striped tape as well as the instructions of marshals in hi-viz vests placed at key junctions.

What do I do if I get lost?

The safest choice is to double-back on yourself until you are back at the last marker you remember or the Wicklow Way where you can easily follow instructions back to Laragh or Glendalough. If this is not an option, the best course of action is to follow the nearest path downwards to lower elevation. In this unlikely case you will soon hit a major road and be able to reach assistance.

We recommend carrying a mobile phone inside a waterproof bag so you can call the emergency race number if required (supplied in the race event email).

What safety is in place for runners?

Marshals and first aiders will be on the course and will keep a count of how many runners pass each check-point. Every key junction will be marked and confusing junctions will be marshalled. While you go up into open mountain trails, this route never takes you very far from major trails just above Laragh village and elevation does not go above 492 metres.

Will the course go ahead in all weather conditions?

In the event of very severe weather a back-up course of the same distance but on lower trails will be implemented.

What terrain must I be prepared for?

The majority of the long course is on varying types of fire-road which are not challenging. The Derrybawn Ridge itself presents a moderate technical challenge consisting mainly of dirt track, short sections of heather trails, grass and mixed rocky trails. In wet weather the ridge can be quite sloppy and very slippy, so run within your own limitations.  This is open mountainside so there is a risk of slip, trip, fall or impact injury.

What should I do if I get injured or need to retire?

If you have recently passed a marshal, go back to that check-point and report that you need to retire and we will assist you in getting down as soon as possible. Use your weather-proof jacket immediately unless weather is very hot in this scenario. You can also continue to the next marshal and retire there. It is extremely important that you report yourself as retired when you come back to the finish line as failure to do so would trigger unnecessary search for you on the mountain.

In the unlikely event that you can no longer continue moving due to injury call out to nearest runners for assistance, use your weather-proof gear and await assistance. When possible place yourself against in any shelter available.  It is imperative that any competitor that passes another runner that is in difficulty or injured must ask to and assist them and if required alert the race director and or the nearest marshal who will arrange for help to be immediately dispatched.  If you do not offer support you will be disqualified and your result will be marked as (Did not finish) DNF.

Are supporters/pacers allowed on the course?

The mountain and trails are open for all but supporters and pacers are not allowed in the official finishing and start zones in the GAA grounds which includes the final 800m lap.

Prizes and after the event

Will there be water and food at the finish?

The local community will supply water and a nice spread of snacks at the finish line.

Where and when will the prize-giving be held?

From around 12:30pm on the GAA grounds.

Are there prizes?

Yes, but as this is a fund-raiser, they are quite modest and mainly in place so we have a chance to recognize the winners at the prize-giving.

What are the prizes?

The top-3 men and women in each race will receive as follows:

  • Winner: €25 (long course), €20 (short course)
  • Runner-up: €20 (long course), €15 (short course)
  • Third place: €15 (long course), €10 (short course)

Will there be race photos?

We expect to have at least amateur photos available. If professional photos also become available we will post an announcement for this.  Please note that volunteers photos or video from this race may be shared on our Facebook page.

Volunteering Marshals and Crew

All of our crew are volunteers who have kindly donated their time to help organise this race to help raise funds for Laragh GAA and Glendalough A.C. in order to manage your safety and provide future opportunities for youth and adults in sport.  Please respect the instructions of all marshals, many of whom are very experienced mountain and road runners themselves.  Do say hello and thank our volunteers as you pass them on the mountain and do save some cake for them for when they arrive back down off the mountain!  We will not accept any abuse of or ill-will towards our volunteers.  For your own safety please respect and follow the instructions from our marshals, car park guides and local volunteers.

Thank-you for your support.


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