Our ‘Run the Ridge’ race series features a long and a short course. The first 2 km and the last 5 km are shared between the two routes making the short course a perfect warm-up if you want to try the full 20 km next year.

Both routes are fully marked and navigational skills, while an advantage are not needed, but you need to stay aware of your surroundings so you do not miss markers or marshals.

Both routes start and finish at the Laragh GAA grounds. The last 800m of each course is a long circuit of the GAA ground before you can celebrate in the finish line chute!

Long course – ‘Run the Ridge’

(20 km, 660 metres climb)

Map RTR Long Course

This testing courses features 20 km of grass, trail and open mountain with a variety of terrain and, weather permitting, stunning views.

View and download course (on GarminConnect)

20k Mandatory Kit requirement: This is a self-sufficient race.  There are no water stations on either race route.

  • Fully water-proof jacket.  No jacket, no race.
  • Fully charged mobile phone with Race Directors number stored in it. (recommend inside ziplock bag)
  • Any sustenance and water you know you will need for the duration of this event.

Suggested additional kit:

  • Water and sustenance (dependent on experience and expected finishing time),
  • Water-proof bottoms
  • Light running hat
  • Gloves
  • Foil blanket
  • Map of the race (Lugnacoille and Glendalough 1:30,000 from EastWest Mapping recommended)
  • Compass (if you know how to use it).

Note most of this equipment will be of benefit in case of emergency.

Short course – ‘Derrybawn Wood Trail’

(10 km, 340m climb)

Map RTR Short Course

The shorter of our two routes takes place entirely on fire-road and scenic forest trails on a challenging but beginner-friendly route through Derrybawn Woods.

10k Mandatory Kit requirement:

  • None

(this route is low altitude and mainly sheltered, you will never be further than a few kilometres from the start or a main road).

Suggested kit:

  • Water or wind-proof jacket.
  • Small water bottle if required

For more questions on each race please refer to the FAQ.


5 thoughts on “Course details

  1. can you tell me the best place for us to watch/ support/ park with our dog and 4 children – youngest is 5. looks like great weather for the event,
    thanks Karen


    1. hi Karen

      yes weather looks favourable except for the wind, so the best spots to watch will be walking up across the Woollen Mills nad picking a spot anywhere on the forest tracks. Get up there ahead of the runners if you want to see them come up but keep in mind it takes a while for them to ‘come around’ to the end. At the end of the ‘zig-zags’ climb is a kissing gate where you can watch both courses come out and back. there’s also a ‘lap of honour’ at the ned where you can see everyone run the last 700m around the GAA pitch while being close to tea and cakes in the marquise!


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